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WCN GBX - The Global Business eXchange Program

WCN GBX > a buy-sell-offer-search database GBX collects specific business opportunities and trade leads from all around the world: searches for buyers, sellers, partners, resellers, trade representatives, joint ventures, bids…

Latest GBX Opportunities added:

...F-Diesel / China ...Whyte Enterprises / USA

...Peter Kothe Pekay Import-Export / Germany  ...ANATOMISCH INSOLES SL / Spain



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WCN GBX - Can you publish an opportunity ?

Any company, from any country, interested and/or engaged in export and/or import can publish a search/offer opportunity, as long as it is looking for an international partner.
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What are its Benefits ?

If you have a precise short term search/offer, GBX is the place to be! It brings the global visibility of WCN and its focused qualified audience: exclusively companies, from all around the world, interested in export/import and international partnerships.



WCN GBX - Four easy steps to make the best out of your opportunity